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FREE Nationwide Shipping for orders P1,500 and above!
FREE Nationwide Shipping for orders P1,500 and above!

Our Materials

Waterproof, Alcohol proof, Weather Proof!

All of our stickers and wall decals are durable - waterproof, alcohol proof, and weather proof! There’s no need to worry about disinfecting and getting your stickers wet.

UV Prints

Our prints and wall decals are printed using a UV printer. UV printing is more durable and prints more vibrant colors compared to other forms of digital printing. UV printing does not release solvent in the air, making it more environment friendly.

Wall Sticker

For our bigger decals, our medium used for printing has a textured finish that is suitable for big designs.

Transfer Tape Sticker

For designs that have detached pieces, we use transfer tape to keep the pieces in place. 

Shipping and Payment


- We ship nationwide!
- FREE shipping for orders PHP 1,000 and above!

Shipping Days
Metro Manila - 1-3 business days
Provincial areas - 3-10 business days


Payment methods available:
- Cash on Delivery (COD)
- Gcash
- Paypal
- BPI (Savings, not Family)
- Bitcoin
- Union Bank

How to Install Decals

Installing Wall Decals

Step 1: Wipe the area of the wall/surface where the wall art will be placed to remove dirt and debris.

Option: Misting or wiping the wall with a wet towel makes the wall art adjustable for a more aligned and accurate application.

 Step 2: Peel the sticker from the sheet.

Option: For big designs, only peel a portion (around ¼) of the top part of the stickers.

Step 3: Stick the top part and check if the decal is aligned.

Step 4: Apply the rest of the sticker from the top down.

Option: Use a squeegee or a card for a better application.

Installing Transfer Tape Stickers

Step 1: Wipe the area of the wall/surface where the decal will be placed to remove dirt and debris.

Step 2: We provided you a clear film (that’s the transfer tape). Peel the transfer tape and apply it onto the sticker design. Apply pressure to make sure the design sticks.

Step 3: Peel the transfer tape from the sticker design. The design should peel along with the transfer tape. If the design does not stick to the transfer tape, put the tape back and apply pressure to the tape.

Step 4: Stick the design starting from one side to the other on the wall/mirror you'll apply it to.

Step 5: Once the whole tape is placed, apply pressure on the design.

Step 6: Peel the tape slowly and you're done!